May 1, 2011

A Tech-y Post

So this post is one of its first kind I guess. A colleague passed on this Tech Magazine called "Tech". Apparently its Oman's Only Technology Magazine...well that's what it says on the cover anyways. I read it yesterday during a free period and I came across a couple of interesting tech's.

~The Duo

Apparently, the Inspiron Duo (by Dell) has just recently been made available to the public and I think it just looks fab.

It's really cool how you can flip the screen a complete 180 degrees which kind of transforms it into a tablet. Really like the idea!

~MS. Touch Mouse

This next one is probably my favorite out of the reads through the magazine. This touch mouse has been specifically designed for Windows 7 and as it says in the magazine "Fun and easy to use". It looks like it!
This touch mouse lets you click, flick, scroll and swipe. The design is pretty flash and it looks comfy to use too. The really cool bit is it supports use with either hand. The matrix on the top of the Touch Mouse is made of "capacitive touch-sensitive electrodes" (??) to help the mouse track the position of your fingertips along the surface. Seriously, this mouse is cool! It costs like OMR 30.800 though ....

~Dolphin on the Road

Well that's what the title the magazine gave for this next bit. It actually talks about a car; the Volkswagen XL1. Well here it is:

So this car, what's so...let's say "different" about it is that it consumes just 0.9L/100km of fuel. We gotta admit that that is pretty impressive, more like EXTREMELY impressive. I mean fossil fuels aren't easily obtainable these days plus, well not here in the M.E. , but everywhere else fuel prices are increasing. So this is a good start!

What I thought was cool about this car though is, there are no side mirrors. How (?) one may ask. Well can you see that thing at the front on the side door that might look like a door handle, THAT's actually a camera (on each door) which sends images of the surroundings behind the car to a display inside the car (as can be seen in the second shot).

When I first saw a picture of the car, I seriously started imagining the future with flying cars just like in "The Fifth Element" (the movie). Look at it's design! It's absolutely...hideous! YUP! I'm sorry to say but I really hate the design. The only thing I like about it is the windows and the front (especially the lights).

~NGP (Next Generation Portable)

So this is the name given to the PSP2? It's going to be equipped with a couple of cool things; dual analogue sticks (that's actually going to be useful), Wi-Fi and 3G network connectivity and with a number of sounds like an I-pod Touch if you ask me. No price has been confirmed yet but Sony did say they "will shoot for an affordable price that's appropriate for the handheld gaming space".

There you go. Yes! I do have a Tech-y side =P

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Phat'Hi said...

You should read the IEEE spectrum if you like this, you will find these objects very normal compared to what people are studying/implementing for. the mouse seems to be simple and cool, but the fact that its made for windows seven only makes it unprofessional if you ask me. PSP2 is very 'standardized' its not 'wow'ish. They should consider upgrading it to Wimax/LTE, if that happens then it is really something. Good stuff :).